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A big step forward to offering hope in the management of spinal pain syndromes, and many other health problems related to body structure.

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Advanced BioStructural Correction™ is exactly that, an advance in the ability of any doctor or person to improve life structures (bio = life).

Dr. Jutkowitz, the founder of ABC Chiropractic, isolated the few factors that have been missing in health care and improving body structures. Knowing that these factors can then improve body structures and help people be healthy, Dr Josh and Dr Matt have both worked with Dr Jesse on an annual basis ever since beginning to learn the art of ABC. The picture to the right is of Dr Jesse taking instructing his Master class recently, here at Duncraig Chiropractic in August 2018. Dr Josh has hosted Dr Jesse for such events countless times since opening the practice in 2010.

The focus of care is on improving structure so that the cause of symptoms, referred to as ‘secondary conditions’ are addressed. Different to other traditional techniques in chiropractic, postural changes are very common and even consistent while under care. These are monitored regularly to keep track of change.

If you have tried other forms of chiropractic in the past and had little success, ABC Chiropractic is a big step forward to offering hope in management of chronic spinal pain syndromes, and many other health problems related to the structure of the body.

Find out more about ABC Chiropractic treatments by visiting our Perth clinic, or contact us on 08 9246 9558 to schedule an appointment today!


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