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Do you need a baby chiropractor in Perth? Duncraig Chiropractic can help you. Adults aren’t the only ones who need chiropractors – babies can get sore necks too! It’s common that when this is the case that your baby can be unsettled, irritable and have problems feeding. Your chiropractor can carefully check your baby for any existing problems with their spinal alignment and gently soothe any discomfort that may exist.

Our team of chiropractors use gentle mobilisation and soft tissue release to treat babies. The standard procedure will start with your chiropractor sitting down and taking a thorough history of the child. An examination will then be conducted. The chiropractor will then go through any findings and make recommendations for care.

Chiropractic for babies comes with a range of benefits, including soothing aches and pains, enhanced immune system, support for physical development and boosted recovery. Gentle treatments can help ease tension and pain. To find out more about our baby chiropractic services or to book an appointment, get in touch today!

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