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If you need a sports chiropractor in Perth, look no further than Duncraig Chiropractic. Unexpected injuries can happen at any time and our team of qualified chiropractors are here to support you on your journey to recovery. From chiropractic adjustments, right through to cold laser therapy, we offer a range of services that can help you get back to optimal health.

We understand how important it is to maintain a healthy, pain-free lifestyle, which is why our qualified chiropractors are committed to finding a solution for you. We follow simple, common-sense principles that serve as a guide as we asses, explain and recommend treatments for you.

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Treatment for Sports Injuries

The treatment process starts with our qualified chiropractors investigating the cause of your pain and then providing advice on suggested ways to correct the problem. Your chiropractor will take into account your history and conduct a thorough examination to assess your sports injury. If required, we also have X-ray facilities that can be used at our clinic.

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